Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Diametric Differences of Domestic Doctrine…

The vast gulf fixed between the intellect of Thomas Sowell and Barack (aka "Barry Sotero") Obama has never been so apparent as when examining the "facts" behind the current "govt shutdown" as presented by both men.

Obama (and cronies) forced a "government shutdown" and continue to lay the blame at the feet of "unreasonable" Republicans in the House that have failed to step up and do their jobs.

Sowell succinctly lays out his own proof that blaming the shutdown on the House would be inaccurate (as found in the Congressional Record), then continues by citing the Constitutional mandate of the House to fund (or "not fund") those things that they believe are in the best (and worst)  interests of the nation, and to support those things that best represent the beliefs of their constituents.

Personally, I wish we had gotten Sowell... the classy, articulate, intellectual, war veteran (Marine) that worked hard to put himself thru college after dropping out of high school. Unfortunately, he never had a big enough ego to run for President.

Therefore, the one currently occupying the White House is instead the brassy, teleprompter-dependent, activist, community organizer (& self-confessed marijuana smoker) that put himself thru college by successfully applying for numerous "foreign student" scholarships.

(FWIW— These well-known black Americans have had interesting parallels in their lives: both were born poor, both espoused Marxist ideology in their 20s, both graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, both went on to teach at the college level, and both worked in some capacity in our government.)