Saturday, February 09, 2008

In Pursuit of "Busyness"

Up until last week I thought I was busy. Now, I know I'm busy (i.e. don't expect an inundation of blog posts in the near future).

Two of us were splitting the preaching while our Pastor's been sick with lymphoma. Since I already taught the kids' Sunday School, Junior Church (Sunday morning), and King's Kids (Wednesday night), I only preach one service: Sunday Night. Prior to the Pastor getting sick, the other guy was only teaching during Sunday School (teens), so he's been preaching for the Sunday morning and Wednesday night services.

Last Friday afternoon I got a call informing me he had resigned from all church duties (evidently, it was too much work for him). The timing could have been better, but thankfully (after talking with the Pastor) he agreed to continue preaching and teaching until our new assistant Pastor gets here (hopefully later this month, or early in March). However, that still leaves me with my **regular duties**, as well as his duties as treasurer. I have yet to find any deposit slips from 2008, or any record of them, or even any offerings; there's one more place they may be (which I'll check tomorrow). At least I finally did get all of last year's church envelopes and a sample of a yearly giving record (not until Thursday, the 7th of February, though). These were supposed to be completed, mailed, and received on or before January 31st.

Needless to say, I haven't been sleeping much in the last few days, but I think I'll have them all finished by Sunday morning. Just hoping I don't run out of ink in the printer tonight...

And now... back to my irregularly scheduled workload...

**In addition to teaching 3 classes every week, my "regular duties" include running the church van route (before and after all services), keeping the church's 13 cows (long story) fed daily, remodeling the house for the new assistant and his family (+/-40 hrs/week), singing (or playing) a minimum of one "special" every Sunday morning (sometimes Sunday night too)... and trying to help my wife with our own 3 kids. As you can imagine, the "too much for him" explanation of his resignation didn't sit well with me.**

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