Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost in cyberspace!

I have discovered (by skimming back over old blog entries) that I need to re-read my posts after hitting publish. This is because I've found several gaps in a number of past posts. Gaps that I know weren't there when I posted them originally. I hadn't considered the possibility of losing bytes in the submission process, but it's (obviously) not only possible, but a fact of blogger-life.

I'm pretty sure all of the blanks have been found and "filled in"... or at least been made somewhat more understandable to "normal" people. I'm also fairly certain that someone will be there to point out those gaps I've missed. Several of the partially-empty-posts were so old that even I couldn't figure out on which tangential tracks my train of thought was attempting to run.

For now I'm going to go park my rusty train of thoughts in bed. One good thing about getting older: I sleep harder and fall asleep faster... oh, wait... that's two things.

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