Monday, March 24, 2014

Weird Day

Our dryer quit blowing warm air last week. It works now, but I've never had anything else like this happen to me

I'd taken it apart, checked the element, all of the thermostats, thermistors, etc., & nothing seemed bad. It had a generic schematic taped inside by the timer, so I checked that too, & it wasn't giving me quite the right readings on everything, so I figured I'd found the problem.

Pulled the timer & brought it to the oldest appliance repair place I know of in our county (12 mi. away), but the guy told me I really don't want to order that timer because it's $120+ after tax. Then he told me 4 more things to check after I got it back together & whatever part didn't work would be much cheaper than buying the timer and then coming back to buy the right part later

So I brought the timer back home, stuck it in the dryer, plugged all the wires back onto all the right spade connectors, turned it on, and started to test the first thing he said, which was:  is there 220v across the 2 big wires in the back of the timer?

So I set up the meter, put the meter probes on the spade connectors, turned my head to look at the meter, and… one of the probes slipped. I don't know how it slipped (the sharp point was in a hole), but… there was a very bright flash, a rather loud pop, 2 or 3 little bright red balls of molten metal (the point of meter had melted off) fell to the floor, & I let out a strangled yell (sounded a lot like Sven the reindeer, from the movie Frozen).

Between all that happening, & trying to keep my hands out of the 220, I was a bit too distracted to know just what my meter probe slipped into, but wherever it went… THE DRYER STARTED WORKING IMMEDIATELY!!!

So I have a working dryer. I was chagrined to realize I'm not smart enough to know what I did, how I did it, or how to do it again.

Decided to tell the kids that God fixed the dryer.

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