Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Tired of Politicians, Political Propaganda, and Media Hype

The current Presidential campaign has dragged on so long that I quit paying much attention to it... as of Florida's primary. There were so many psuedo-conservative candidates in the race, that the true conservatives had either dropped out or fallen too far behind the rest of the field, leaving me little more choice than the best remaining option. I'd much rather vote for the best candidate than the best one left. Since then, even the other "good," and "OK" options have dropped out. Currently, we have the most liberal Senator in the US, the 16th most liberal Senator, and a pseudo-Republican Senator running for President. It appears than no matter who wins, the USA loses.

All three of the candidates have serious baggage. McCain, once a Reagan-conservative, has sponsored legislation that would move our country even closer to socialism. Hillary, ugh, 4 more years of the fiasco that was the Clinton's Presidency? I hope not. Then there's Barack, and Jeremiah Wright, and Michael Pfleger, and Louis Farrakhan -- except I don't understand why the Republicans haven't dropped the hammer on the closeness of the Obama-Farrakhan ties. Perhaps they're waiting for him to be nominated as the "official" opponent with hopes that surely no one in their right mind (living in the USA) would vote for a supporter of Farrakhan?

Anyway, the immediate consequence of the long-drawn-out Presidential campaign is two-fold: 1. none of the three have had any recent executive experience, and 2. all are hoping to bring our nation ever-nearer to Socialism. This has pushed me to look much more closely than I normally would at the other races.

Locally, I've found only one decent candidate for public office, Dr. Marion Thorpe, who is opposing Alcee Hastings for the 23rd U.S. Congressional District. (Unfortunately, the 23rd isn't my district.) Having spoken with him often, I feel I know him quite well. Dr. Thorpe is a candidate that, in my opinion, would be one of very few assets to the Congress. The "Myth Debunker" blog has a May 30th post that mentions him in detail. I just wish more honest people with firm convictions (like Dr. Thorpe) were in Congress (or at least trying to get in there). I've had enough of these professional, lifetime Congress-people that are so out of touch with the realities faced in day-to-day living by "normal" Americans.

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