Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Small Excitements of Life

Last Sunday night we had a game-night at church. That kept us out later than usual. When we got back to the house (around 11 pm) we got the Varmints 3 ready for bed ASAP, and dropped them right in, except for Little Bear. At 11.30pm, he decided he wanted to pray and ask Jesus to take away his sins and take him to heaven. Needless to say, Daddy was very excited!

Today (Saturday) I took the training wheels off of his bicycle. Except for the occasional starting push (on my part), he's done a great job of riding -- from the very first push. In fact, he's doing much better than I ever did. I distinctly remember riding into rose bushes (multiple times), (fenced off) flower gardens, and even (literally) up a tree. He's all proud of himself -- the neighbor's boy is 2 years older and still uses training wheels. (Although, up until a short time ago, the neighbor's boy lived in an area that was not conducive to riding bikes. He'll probably have his off shortly.)

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